What is an Independent Living Community?

February 22nd 2023

As you age, there is a common misconception that senior living communities are only for seniors who need assistance or care. You wouldn’t want this misconception to cause you to miss out on everything independent living communities have to offer.

What is independent living? Independent living covers a variety of housing options for seniors. However, it most commonly refers to communities that offer fun and active lifestyles but take away the stress of being a homeowner. In independent living communities, residents enjoy living community life with different luxuries and amenities.

Independent living is designed to make life more convenient in retirement. Many independent living communities offer housekeeping services, meal options, and transportation services, alongside all the other convenient amenities offered.

Grace Management, Inc. communities offer our independent living residents many convenient amenities. With the day-to-day freedom to come and go and the convenience of any number of activities to choose from, independent living at GMI communities is the perfect fit for an active and healthy lifestyle. Our independent living communities offer amenities like all-inclusive dining, a fitness center, a beauty salon and barber shop, game rooms, movie theaters, libraries, and more.

All the amenities sound great, but why should you choose independent living? It may feel too soon to consider selling your home and moving into independent living. Here are some reasons to consider independent living:

  • Connections with peers – Many people understand the effects social isolation has on seniors. Once you move into an independent living community, you have access to a multitude of built-in social interactions in everyday life. This will help you prevent falling into social isolation.
  • Constant activity – There will always be something for you to do while living in an independent living community. From planned physical activities to an eventful social calendar, you will always have a variety of activities to choose from.
  • Freedom – You aren’t responsible for the hassle of taking care of a house or yard once you move into an independent living community. If you don’t want to cook or do dishes, you don’t have to. You can spend your time pursuing what interests you.
  • Easy access to care – As you age, more often than not, your health will begin to change. Many independent living communities also have an assisted living option that allows you to have the care you need where you are already.

Interested in learning more about what independent living communities can offer you? Head over to the community page on our website and filter by independent living to find a Grace Management, Inc. community near you.


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