Tips for Moving and Downsizing for Senior Adults

November 9th 2022

Transitioning your loved ones into a senior living community is often an emotional experience. Adding the stress of downsizing and moving can often be a lot; it takes planning, hard work, and time. Many of us have experienced the stress of decluttering and moving. The process of downsizing in order to move into a senior living community requires a similar effort that is often much more emotional. The process of moving into a new home is understandably an overwhelming process for senior adults. Many do not feel ready yet – others look forward to the transition. What can we do to help with this often overwhelming process?

Find The Right Fit

The most important place to begin is finding a community that is right for your loved one. Do they need special accommodations? What does social life look like? Does the community have the apartment size and floor plan I am looking for? What does the apartment include?

Finding the answer to these questions and others will help you decide what you need when moving to a senior living community. If the apartment includes appliances such as a microwave refrigerator, your loved one won’t need to bring those with them. Knowing the square footage and the dimensions of the apartment will help your loved one prioritize what furniture they are keeping based on what will fit best in their new space.

Take the time to ensure that whatever furniture your loved one is able to bring, their new apartment will feel like home.

Consider Sentimental Value and Memories

Consider what your loved one wants to keep. Keep the important memories and things that hold sentimental value. These may not be what your loved one feels obligated to keep. Encourage your loved one to keep what makes them happy – not what they feel like they should keep.

Moving and downsizing can be difficult, but here at Grace Management, Inc., we want to make it easy and exciting for you. Check out our communities and see if we have one that is the right fit for you or your loved one today.