The Living Gracefully Award Recipients

January 25th 2023

In 2022, Grace Management, Inc. announced the first recipient of The Living Gracefully Award. What is The Living Gracefully award? The purpose of the Grace Management, Inc. Living Gracefully Award is to recognize GMI associates or constituents who exemplify the Grace Culture of Caring and Leadership within their role, responsibilities, or involvement at a Grace Management Inc. community. Here are the current recipients of The Living Gracefully award:

Karen O’Hara is the Executive Director of Parkrose Estates and was the first recipient of The Living Gracefully award. O’Hara led the Parkrose Estates community after the community experienced a water line rupture in January of 2022, displacing more than 90 residents. Residents returned home to Parkrose Estates on September 26th, 2022, following a state-of-the-art renovation completed in partnership with local contractors.

Rosemarie Caldwell celebrated her retirement as Executive Director of Northgate Park in November of 2022 and was named the second recipient of The Living Gracefully Award. Caldwell has served and led the community at Northgate Park for five and a half years and truly exemplified the Grace Culture of Caring and Leadership in her time as Executive Director.

Robyn Johnson is the Executive Director of Beach House. In early October, when Hurricane Ian hit, Johnson, a Minnesota native who had never experienced a hurricane before, stepped up and led the Beach House community in their pre-storm preparations as they got ready for Hurricane Ian’s landfall. Johnson led the community calmly during and after the Hurricane and worked with her team to provide the best possible care to residents during this time.

Ron Aylward is the Executive Director of Heritage Oaks of Englewood. During Hurricane Ian, Aylward demonstrated strong, stable leadership and courage. Heritage Oaks of Englewood was in the direct path of Hurricane Ian. Residents and associates alike didn’t have enough of a warning to evacuate and hunkered down in the community. Aylward worked with his team to ensure the safety of residents during and after Hurricane Ian.

Thomas Watson is the Executive Director of The Summit of Fort Myers. Less than 24 hours before Hurricane Ian hit, Watson learned that Fort Myers was in the direct path of the Hurricane and needed to evacuate their residents. Most of the residents were able to stay with family, but several had no other choice but to go to shelters. Watson worked tirelessly after Hurricane Ian had passed to ensure the residents of The Summit of Fort Myers were able to come home as soon as possible and welcomed each of them home personally.

Congratulations to both of these amazing recipients of The Living Gracefully Award. This award is well deserved.

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