Sensight Survey Resident Satisfaction Five Star Award Winning Communities

June 22nd 2022

We are proud to announce twelve of our senior living communities received the Sensight Survey Resident Satisfaction Five Star Award in 2022.

The Resident Satisfaction Five Star Award is presented to senior living communities who attain an overall resident satisfaction score of 85% or higher and a minimum 50% participation rate. Overall resident satisfaction is measured as the percentage of residents who Strongly Agree or Agree that they are very satisfied with their senior living community as a place to live, would gladly recommend their community as a place to live, and rarely think of leaving their community to live elsewhere.

The Grace Management, Inc. communities that received this honor are located in Kansas, Tennessee, Texas Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. The award-winning communities include:

“The team at Sensight Surveys is thrilled to partner with Grace Management, an organization committed to high levels of resident satisfaction and engagement,” said Lynn Ackerman, Ph.D. Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, Sensight Surveys LLC. “We are honored to bestow the 2022 Resident Satisfaction Five Star Award to these 12 Grace Management communities who put their hearts and souls into delighting their residents every day. Thank you for your passion and commitment to helping the residents of your communities live a truly awesome life!”

As a trusted name in senior living, Grace Management is dedicated to the long-term satisfaction and quality of life of our residents. By continually reinvesting in our team and our communities and evolving our service model to meet the needs of residents today and tomorrow, we bring strength and stability to everything we do.

Find out more about our communities by visiting the communities section of the Grace Management website.