Resident Feature: Meet Fred Seale and His Daily 150

May 17th 2023

Meet Fred Seale, a current resident of Woodhaven Village located in Conroe, Texas. Fred and his wife, Freddie, have been residents of Woodhaven Village since January of 2023.

After retiring in 2006, Fred wanted to find something to keep his hands and mind active during his retirement. In search of something to help him accomplish this, Fred decided that he would start writing 150 words a day about something that happened that day. “The original goal of writing 150 words a day was just something to keep me busy in retirement.”

After a couple of months, when his family got together for Thanksgiving, Fred’s sons asked, “So what have you been doing, dad?” and that is where the podcast Fred’s Daily 150 (A History Lesson in 150 Words) was born.

At the time, Fred told his sons, “I don’t know anything about podcasts.” but he didn’t let that stop him. Fred’s sons worked with him to set up the podcast and help him learn the process so he could go forward independently.

Fred has been writing and recording his podcast for the past two years, taking time each day to write about a historical event based on the date. This event could be the birth or death of a historical person, the start or end of a war, a tragic event, noteworthy inventions, and more. “I write about things that I either remember when they happened, or I read about them when I was younger, and they made an impact on me.”

“Most podcasts go on and on, and not everyone has time for that,” Fred stated. “My goal was to create a podcast that was brief, to the point, and over.” He started this hoping it would spark a younger audience’s curiosity about events that happened in the past or “help someone my age relive a moment in their life from when they originally heard about this event happening.” Fred’s Daily 150 has been listened to in 48 countries.

“Beginning to write and produce a podcast was a learning process,” according to Fred. His sons worked with him to gradually help Fred learn each step of the process of creating a podcast. From setting up the recording equipment to uploading the podcast onto various platforms, Fred has learned how to do all of it on his own. Fred talked about how “learning is growing, and just because you grow old doesn’t mean you have to be old.”

Fred is a native Texan originally from the Houston area. Before he retired, he worked for several different energy companies, large and small, in the area of Oil & Gas Land Management. Fred and Freddie made the decision to move into a Cottage at Woodhaven Village because it allows Fred to continue to be independent while having access to assistance for his wife.

You can find Fred’s Daily 150 (A History Lesson in 150 Words) anywhere you listen to podcasts. To learn more about Woodhaven Village, please visit their website at or give them a call at (936) 703-5333.


Fred Seale