Programming with Purpose

August 17th 2022

Our purposeful programming touches on a multi-faceted approach to ensuring there are engaging and enriching events and activities for all that includes our whole-body wellness approach to senior living.

You will see on any of our community websites’ Life Enrichment calendars categories that further provide what we strive for. There are activities and events that support and enhance a variety of dimensions of wellness, including physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.

Our communities also strive to be good neighbors who are actively engaged with one another at home and with their local community beyond our community walls. There are two engagement opportunities that specifically support the social wellness of our residents through connection with others.

Our community teams strive to get to know each resident that calls their community home and focus in on what each person is passionate about, curious about, or looks forward to throughout the year to ensure that what we provide is the creation of a community that is eager to engage and connect. Each community is unique in what lights up their lives and gives them strength, and we are eager and excited to craft and shape activities and events to best suit them.

Curious about our communities’ event calendars? Go to our Communities section of the Grace Management website, click on the community of choice, navigate to that community’s Lifestyle & Amenities tab and click on Life Enrichment Calendar.