Questions to Ask When Moving Into a Senior Living Community with a Pet

February 15th 2023

Moving into a senior living community with a pet is exciting and can sometimes be stressful. Learning the rules and policies different communities have on pets can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure what questions to ask.

Many senior living communities understand the benefits pets can have for their owners, and pet-friendly senior living communities are becoming more common. When you begin your search for a community, all it should take is a quick look at the communities website to find out if they are pet friendly. The next step is to take some time and ask questions about the pet policies the community has.

1. Are there any rules or restrictions to be aware of about types of pets?

Every community has its rules regarding pets, which can include types or breeds of pets you are allowed to have. Some communities may only accept animals such as dogs and cats. Every community will have a different policy, so it is important to find one that fits your needs the best.

2. Do you have a restriction on the number of pets per resident?

Communities will often restrict the number of pets a person can bring or adopt while living in the community to one or two.

3. Are there any restrictions on the age of a pet?

7. What happens when a resident can no longer take care of their pet?

There is always the possibility that there will come a time when it becomes harder to care for your pet. Learning if the community is willing to provide help in these situations or if they can work with you to arrange for services to be provided in these situations.

8. Are there any restrictions for dogs or cats going outside?

If you own an active dog, they will need to spend time outside to get exercise. Check if the community has a dog park or a fenced dog run. If you have a cat who is used to having the ability to come and go as they please, it is also a good idea to learn if it’s okay for your cat to wander the halls of the community.

Finding a senior living community that fits your lifestyle and needs is important. Every Grace Management, Inc community is pet friendly and is excited to welcome you and your furry friend to your NEW home! Are you interested in learning more about Grace Management, Inc. communities? Check out the community page on our website.

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