How to Make New Friends in Your Senior Living Community

October 12th 2022

Making friends can be challenging – especially as you become an older adult. As an older adult, you may discover that making friends is not the same as in your younger years. Thankfully, senior living communities can often make finding friendships easier than you may think.

It is easy to underestimate how important friendships are. In a previous blog, we discussed social isolation and how senior living helps combat this ongoing problem for many seniors’ health and well-being. Still, moving into a senior living community can be scary – so we wanted to help by providing a few ways to make friends in your new community.

Take walks during the day. If you are not usually a social butterfly, it may be tempting to stick to your new apartment. Getting out of your apartment is a fantastic way to get to know the community and gives you the opportunity to interact with other residents that you encounter on your walk.

It is also important to be optimistic. Attitude is everything; if you go into this new experience with a positive outlook – it is often surprising how easy it can be to meet new people. Having a cheerful outlook and outlook changes a lot about how difficult it can be to make new friends.

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