Happy Birthday America! We Celebrate Independence!

June 29th 2022

In celebration of Independence Day on July 4th, we know that independence is an important part of our culture and society as well as our company.

We celebrate and honor the independence our residents enjoy while making their home with us. We observe and appreciate those who have fought for our freedom and recognize the many who have been affected.

We’ve talked about how Independent Living at our communities is GREAT. A unique part of Grace Management, Inc. is how we support each of our unique communities across this great country. We know no two communities are alike. And, although they are independent of each other, operating with their own teams and support, we have incredible people who work across disciplines to ensure the success of each community and connect with each other as a family.

We are honored to be part of the United States of America, each state filled with incredible history and people, but all connected.

Our communities always celebrate the 4th of July with fun events and activities, gourmet, and seasonal dining favorites, recognizing traditions and forging new ones with friends and loved ones. On this day, we thank all who call our communities home for being part of America and celebrating with us!

Find the independence senior living can bring to your life now. Check out our communities today!