Grace Management, Inc. Communities Celebrate Inaugural Grace Hospitality Week

October 5th 2022

Grace Management, Inc. communities celebrated the Inaugural Grace Hospitality Week from August 29th through September 2nd. This event was designed to spotlight our four Graceful Service Standards as well as to celebrate our dedicated associates. The Graceful Service Standards are part of The Graceful Experience™, the benchmark for hospitality and culture across all Grace Management, Inc. communities. The Graceful Experience™ empowers and motivates all associates to provide exceptional hospitality and senior living experiences for each unique resident.

“We were thrilled to successfully launch The Grace Hospitality Week and to honor our amazing associates!” said Sarah Moriyama, National Director of Hospitality and Engagement, Grace Management, Inc. “The energy and excitement were palpable all week. We look forward to celebrating Hospitality Week as an annual tradition at all Grace Management, Inc. communities!”

Similar to a spirit week event at a school, the Grace Hospitality Week was a weeklong celebration driven by the Director of Hospitality and Engagement and established Hospitality Champions from each community. Each day consisted of celebrating a different standard from the four Graceful Service Standards, which include: Have Compassion and Respect for All; Greet and Welcome Everyone with a Smile; Actively Listen to and Engage with Residents and Associates, and Project a Professional, Positive Image.

The Grace Hospitality Week was a fun-filled week that we are looking forward to continuing as an annual tradition here at Grace Management, Inc.

To learn more about Grace Hospitality Week, visit the news section of our website.