8 Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Living

July 27th 2022

With more than 35 years of experience in the senior living industry, and with the support from experts in their field, we continue to find ways to support and provide the answers people seek in their senior living journey.

Here are eight Frequently Asked Questions that may help you and your loved ones navigate your senior living journey:

  1. What is Senior Living? Senior living encompasses many lifestyles and living options. Each Grace Management, Inc. community may offer one or more options within the Senior Living Spectrum, from independent living to assisted living to memory care. Each option is designed to enhance the lives and wellbeing of seniors. The Senior Living Spectrum below will help you choose the option that’s best for you or your loved one.
  2. How does the cost of Senior Living compare to remaining home? Start by totaling all your separate current living expenses and compare that number to the total cost for living at one of our communities. You may find that senior living is more cost effective than you thought.
  3. How do I financially plan for Senior Living? Understanding the available financial options is an important step that should be made early in the process. From Veteran’s Benefits to tax benefits, our resources can make senior living more affordable.
  4. How do I find the best senior living option for me? Consider your current lifestyle needs to prioritize what makes your ideal senior living option. While every experience is unique, you can gather insight from those who have already made the transition to senior living.
  5. What questions should I ask before making a decision? There are many factors to consider, and it’s natural to feel unsure of where to begin. We will provide personal guidance every step of the way and will ensure all your questions are answered.
  6. What should I expect when I move? The prospect of moving can be overwhelming, which is why our team is here to provide support and preparation. From finding the ideal living option to moving into it, our goal is to make the process simpler than ever.
  7. How do I begin the conversation with my loved one(s)? We’re here to remind you that you are not alone in navigating potentially difficult discussions. Engaging in open, honest dialogue from the beginning sets the stage for a positive journey.
  8. What is Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s is one form of dementia that impacts memory, cognitive abilities, and behavior. We proudly partner with the Alzheimer’s Association nationwide and offer best-in-class memory care programs.

You may have more questions than this and we’re here to help! We are registered with the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA). ASHA hosts “Where You Live Matters,” a senior living resource that addresses everything from selecting the right living situation to making the transition to your new home. Visit Where You Live Matters here: https://www.whereyoulivematters.org/