6 Ways Grace Leads in Elevating the Senior Living Experience

August 3rd 2022

What makes experiences with businesses memorable? Convenience? Products? Atmosphere? Or does it have more to do with the feeling that you get when you interact with the people and environment. About a year ago, Grace created the Director of Hospitality and Engagement position to differentiate Grace communities from others. In that time, a number of training programs and tools have been created to equip associates and leaders with the tools they need to provide hospitality focused, people-first communities for our residents, families of residents and associates. Here are some of the great tools and trainings that are coming to our amazing communities in 2022:

  1. Leading Gracefully – Leading Gracefully is Grace Management’s leadership training program designed to shape the leaders of today and tomorrow. Leading Gracefully supports all Grace Management leaders in their pursuit of growth and opportunity. It sets the foundation for lifelong leadership development and is designed to support amazing leadership teams at all Grace communities.
  2. The Graceful Experience – The Graceful Experience establishes the benchmark for hospitality and culture across all Grace Management communities. It is a framework to support best-in-class service that sets Grace Management apart from its competitors. The Graceful Experience is designed to introduce standards and provide a training platform.
  3. The Graceful Experience Hospitality Champions – Hospitality champions support hospitality training and initiatives at all Grace communities. These associates were identified by their leadership teams as individuals who truly serve as a hospitality role model for their peers. This committee meets monthly with lots of great work coming up to help make a difference at our communities. They can be identified by their Graceful Experience Champion pins!
  4. Customer Experience Specialist Training – In June, our community teams will go through a special training designed for our associates who support their communities from the front desk. Due to the nature of the awesome work they do to support residents, associates and the customer experience, their new title will be Customer Experience Specialist.
  5. Grace Cornerstone All-Associate Orientation – A new orientation training program has been introduced to all Grace communities to help improve the onboarding experience for our associates. This program focuses on welcoming associates to each community through interactions with the entire leadership team as well as interactions, from day one, with our amazing residents!
  6. Grace In Action National Associate Recognition Program– The Grace in Action recognition program equips our residents and associates with an easy and meaningful way to recognize our associates. When associates go above and beyond at our communities to serve residents or support other associates, this new tool can provide timely and specific recognition for a job well-done!

Thank you to Guest Blogger Sarah Moriyama, GMI National Director of Hospitality and Engagement. For more about Sarah and her role visit our news section.