News Release – May 2018 – Chicago Pacific Founders Acquires Churchill Estates in Dallas, Texas

News Release – April 2018 – Chicago Pacific Founders Acquires Parkrose Estates in Liverpool, New York

News Release – April 2018 – Chicago Pacific Founders Acquires Collier Park in Beaumont, Texas

News Release – April 2018 – Chicago Pacific Founders Acquires The Willows of Easley in Easley, South Carolina

Chicago Pacific Founders Acquires Northgate Park Senior Living Community in Cincinnati, OH

Chicago Pacific Founders Acquires Camellia at Deerwood Senior Living Community in Jacksonville, FL

Meet John Rijos – Article January, 2017

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Hi there,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your page . We recently made the decision to put my mother into a senior living facility. After my dad passed away last year, the house became too much for her to maintain, so we decided that a senior living home would be the best place for her.

My mom isn’t too tech-savvy, and my dad took care of most things for her so living on her own and taking care of herself is very new. I started researching different things to help her, and I found your page. I printed off a bunch of different resources and articles for her and I really think it’s given her some more confidence and independence. Thank you for having so many great resources – they’ve not only been helpful to her, but to my sister and I in taking care of her.

My mom still has her license, though my dad did most of the driving. My sister and I take turns driving her most places she needs to go, but she still gets behind the wheel from time to time to run small errands. I wanted to pass you along a good resource I found for aging drivers at .I thought it might be a good addition to your resources – it’s been really helpful to my mom.

Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your week!

Linda Williams (August 2016)