New Development Services

Grace Management, Inc. has been involved with every aspect of senior housing development spanning over 32 years and three different development cycles. We continually maintain flexibility to step into the process at any stage and make the best of what may have already been created. We complement the most experienced developers.

Our development responsibilities include:

• Site Selection – Feasibility Study – Team Selection
• Regulatory & Licensing Requirements
• Zoning and Planning Assistance
• Investment Package Development
• Kitchen Plan
• Loan Procurement
• Construction Management
• Interior Design Consultation
• Pre-Opening Marketing
• Operational Management

The key to senior housing development is recognizing the uniqueness of each project and treating each property accordingly. What sets Grace Management, Inc., apart is the depth of its available resources whenever responding to the special needs of its clients. Grace Management, Inc. acts as a partner in the development process to ensure optimal value for the client and the residents.